What We Offer Every Client

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Support
  • Labor and Birth Support
  • Fresh Muffins

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Why hire a doula?

  • Educational Support
  • Physical Support
  • Emotional Support

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About Us

Angelique McCormick
Babies and families have always been a big part in Angelique’s life. She started babysitting at age 12 and has nannied, ran a home based daycare, and worked in daycare centers. In 2016 she began her journey to become a doula and has enjoyed the deep connection she has to the parents she has worked with since then. She has lived in Duluth since 2008 and was raised in Superior. She knows and loves the Twin Ports well. Her hobbies include sewing, quilting, hiking, Dungeons and Dragons, reading, gardening, camping, and hanging out with her cats. Her family consists of her husband, her foster kids, her 3 cats, 2 sugar gliders, and a tortoise. She also has a large network of extended family and close friends. Angelique got into doula work to help everyone giving birth feel supported in their decisions. She believes that every birth deserves to be surrounded by love, support, and acceptance.

Reba Buczynski
Reba is a certified Birth and Bereavement doula through the organization Stillbirthday. This means in addition to birth doula training, she has received additional training in miscarriage, grief, and helping families come to terms with unexpected events. She loves animals and has a dog, cat, chinchilla, and two guinea pigs at the moment. In addition to doula work, Reba is also a Massage Therapist at Eagle’s Nest Massage Therapy in Duluth. She loves going for walks outside with her dog and husband, knitting and crocheting, and baking. Reba strives to leave a little glitter wherever she goes, whether it is in the literal sense or spreading joy through her bubbly personality. Reba believes that all birthing persons who want birth support should have access to it and that the birth process doesn’t have to be scary.

Together we decided that the current work model for doulas (one doula on-call 24/7 for each client with possible backup) is not sustainable or reasonable for many doulas, including ourselves. We decided to team up and be solid partners so that we can keep with this work for longer and serve more birthing persons in the process. We hope to partner with other doulas in the future to bring a more structured work environment to more birth workers, as well as reach more families. As we grow, we’ll support not only birthing persons but other doulas and the community at large. We’ll do this by providing prenatal information sessions, postpartum information sessions, and establishing a large network of help for all birthing persons. We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience and making birth support accessible to everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, socioeconomic status, or ability to pay.