What We Offer Every Client

We believe that every client deserves the same level of care and love.

What we provide:

Two prenatal meetings with both Angelique and Reba where we get to know each other, establish your birth ideals, go over any concerns, and help plan your postpartum time.
Labor and birth support where one of us will join you and stay with you throughout as much of your labor as you desire to an hour or so after the birth. This provides continuity in your birthing experience and ensures that you are not left alone.
Two postpartum visits where we check on how you are doing and help you address any concerns you have in your postpartum time. The first visit will be within a few days and the second within the first two weeks. Our first prenatal visit will be a baby brunch in your honor, complete with fresh baked muffins.
Phone, texting, and email support during daytime hours: we’ll try to answer any questions you have for us and be there for any emotional support you may need. This support may continue well beyond your final postpartum visit; please continue to get ahold of us as needed.
On-call 24/7 for your labor starting at 37 weeks: we have one number for you to call and get the doula on-call 24/7 so you can be supported at any time of the day or night. Rest assured we take good care of ourselves so we are ready when your labor call comes in.
Muffins! We will bake you muffins for your first postpartum visit. We have our own recipes for lemon, blueberry, banana, or zucchini muffins and can make standard sized muffins or mini-muffins. We can also follow a recipe of your choice if you desire and bake in your kitchen if you have strict dietary needs. Our desire is to provide you with a fun, fresh baked snack.

Price for our services starts at $800 but is also subject to a sliding scale. We aim to provide this service to all who need it. Please contact us for a free consultation and we’ll go over pricings there. Thank you!
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